LIFESTYLE : The Fight back to being Healthy

Hello Everyone, 

I thought that I would write a little post as a kind of an update. 

 I haven't been well both physically and mentally so its time to let you in! 

1) My Ears 

So last week, I woke up with an odd sensation in my right ear. It felt numb and really sensitive to the touch. I also couldn't hear out of it. I went to the doctor and he gave me a course of treatment to try and half a week later... I could hear again. Even when I could hear it was really uncomfortable.  But now its starting to feel alot better. I actually sat there and thought about all the times that I had taken it for granted.... 

2) My anxiety 

Looking back on the last two months, I didn't realize it at the time... but my anxiety was probably the worst its ever been. I had a full scale breakdown. I didn't even want to leave the house. I reached out for help to the Doctor and they were fantastic about everything. I have been put on some medication to help as well as counseling. So I am slowly building myself back up. I have been alot more open with members of my family including my Dad, which was so hard. So, I'm hoping that I can finally get a handle on this thing. 

3) My depression 

Sadly as a byproduct of my Anxiety, my depression also got triggered. I have been doing little things to change my routine and also I have been trying to change the way that I approach certain situations. For Example, I have taken myself off of social media - except for the blog pages and I have been giving myself a time out. So I have an hour gaming or an hour to watch pretty little liars or to read novels / manga. I think also doing the majority of the cooking has helped too as its a nice little creative process. 

I have loved baking also of late so its time to try and smile again. 

4) Side effects of Medication 

Sadly, with new meds comes side effects. When I started them, I was really out of it. I was really sleepy. I couldn't get past 8 at night and I couldn't open my eyes in the morning. It was something that really troubled Luke. But as the days went on, it got a little easier. I also felt really dizzy and achy and I got the munchies real bad. As a consequence, I haven't been to the gym in about 3 weeks. But I am getting to the point where I feel like I can do it, I would have enough energy and in doing so I know that my mood will improve. 

5) Better Diet and Going back to the Gym

As I mentioned, I got the munchies alot, so slowly but surely I am going to try and cut out my new hobby of snacking. I never used to suffer with this too much.  I'm going to try and stock the home with some healthier snacks.  I bought a lot of chocolate which I am intolerant to. So I am doing myself some damage in eating it. I avoided the scales also as I know it just gonna send me back to where I was. mentally. So with this and the gym.... I'm sure I'll get back where I was. 

6) Setting Targets and making lists 

Final thing, I have reinstated the monthly goals that I used to do. I set myself three for this month and I have really enjoyed them so far. I love the sense of completing something. I had a clear out of all my clothes as an example and it was a kind of therapy for me. 

So thats where I'm at at the moment, a bit personal but its kinda there for me to look back on and for you if you too are struggling

. Also for people in my life, please don't worry, I'm getting there 

Thanks for reading 




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