LIFESTYLE : Going back to University (Part One )

Hello Everyone, 

Time for a life update post. 

So, I recently instgrammed a picture of my book with the news that I was celebrating after setting up a teaching application. 

I talk openly about a lot of things on this blog, but I had kept this one to myself. 

But I have wanted to be a teacher for the longest time. I think ever since I saw Miss Honey in Matilda. Also my Dad and Aunt and Uncle are teachers. 

I completed alot of placements off my own back, but when the time came to go for it at the end of my degree, I talked myself out of it.  My anxiety told me that I couldn't do it. 

This is probably the ONE decision that I regret the most in my life. 

But I am only in my mid twenties, so there is plenty of time to change it. 

It took alot of courage to sit and say that I wanna leave my job next year.

 To say the words to Luke... it reminded me of when I sat and said that I wanted to be a vegetarian and the support he has given me everyday since. 

When I said that I wanted to run the Tough Mudder and join the gym... He's been my biggest fan. 

So I have started the application, all I have to finish is a personal statement. I have the qulaifactions and the reference, its time just to sell being me..... 

I'll keep you all updated with how I do. 

But this time, its feels right. I'm ready 

Thanks for reading,



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