LIFESTYLE : Love Island

Hello all,

So, I write alot about programmes when I finish them.

But I never mention the reality shows that I really get into and I have no idea why.

Especially, as I lose alot of time on them. 

One show that has stolen my summer is Love Island. 

For those who haven't seen it. 

The idea is that five girls and five boys are put in a villa in Spain and they are left to see whether they get on, want to be together or just want to be friends. 

Thats it.

(You know when you try to explain a show to an outsider and like you realise its complete crap. But you wouldn't have it any other way) .

They are set couple challenges to lighten the mood and to encourage team work also. 

So why is this so addictive I hear you ask. 

Because every couple of days, new people come in and split the dynamic.

 There are recouplings, in which single people are brutally dumped and you find yourself getting to know complete strangers inside and out.  

Also in recouplings, people can steal other peoples partners. 

You know, who is their types, what they would do in a situation etc etc. 

You find it dominating your conversations at work..... oh I'm gonna miss this show. 

All three series are on the ITV player, so check them out before they go off. 

And if anyone was wondering, I was team Camilla ALL the way through this series. Her and Jamie.... what a couple 

Until next year Love Island! 



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