LIFESTYLE : Some Yearly Goals to Celebrate being 26!

Hello Alllllll,

So, another year older, but defo not another year wiser.... yet. 

It's time to set myself some more yearly goals, so when I turn 27 (wtf....) I will review them! 

So here we go! 

1) I want to become a decent cook. 

This is kind of a rollover from last year, kind of not.

Luke and I have struck a deal in that, going forward, I am going to cook the majority of the meals and he is the flat cleaner instead.

 I want to be cooking meals from scratch as I feel that someone my age should be more than capable of this.  

Also we need to improve our diets going forward so I can come off of my Iron tablets (yuck)

I want to share one dish or item of baking a week on the blog so I can track this goal!

2)  I want to keep up my workouts in the gym. One day on and one day off

I joined the gym a couple of months ago and have been buzzing ever since. 

I have gone down a couple of sizes already. 

I feel if I put it in here. Then I will ensure that I keep doing it. 

I have no goals in terms of weight. But I would like to keep increasing the weights that I am lifting and if my waist goes in, well thats just a bonus. 

3) I want to finish the decorating in the flat and replace the furniture that needs it. 

We have completed the bedroom and the living room, its time for the kitchen and the bedroom to be finished too. 

So when we are ready to move, we won't need to worry if the furniture will survive the move. 

4) I need to finish University in October. 

There is alot of work before the end comes. I know that it will be worth it 100%, I just need to find the motivation! 

5) Discover new things! 

Bit broad but, I mean in terms of Books, TV and Film. I tend to re read the same stuff and watch the same things all the time.

 I want to break out of this rut. 

I think in doing this, I will have better content for the blog. I think also it helps to trigger your imagination in different ways... so its time to grow! 

So thats it until next year(?!) - If I'm still here. I'm sure I will be. 

But until then, 

Thanks for reading 



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