MANGA : Sailor Moon Vol 1

Hello Everyone, 

So its time for a book review or rather a Manga review. 

I recently decided to bite the bullet and to start buying Manga, because as a kid, I was obsessed with the anime that comes from them. 

For my first series, I decided to go for Sailor moon. She was a real role model for me when I was a kid.

 I got it as part of a little book haul that I have already written about.

Volume one is on the far left side. 

I told myself to forget the anime and focus straight on the manga as almost a new story. 

The book focuses on Usagi, Ami, Rei, and Makoto all discovering that they are guardians and uniting together.

 Led by the Mysterious talking cat Luna who is a guardian herself, from the moon. 

Usagi is a fourteen year old school girl that in her own works prefers napping and eating to anything else. Something that I can totally relate to. But instead, she has to deal with demons popping up, who are trying to steal energy from the human race to power their evil schemes. 

As she adjusts to being Sailor Moon, she keeps bumping into the handsome Tuxedo Mask and finds herself developing feelings for the stranger.... as she feels something familiar when she is around him. 

Tasked with the mission to find the legendary Silver Crystal and the Moon Princess, the stage is set for an epic adventure! 

The manga had me laughing out loud and it was something interesting to get used to. Having to reading from the back of the book, right to left. 

I cannot wait to start volume two, its like reliving a part of my childhood all over again. 

Thanks for reading 



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