TRAVEL : Legoland!

Hello guys,

So as I mentioned before, Luke surprised me with a trip to Legoland for my birthday. 

I was really excited as it was somewhere that I had on my list to visit and I'll have to be honest, I had no idea what to expect. 

I felt like such a small child when I drove up the road to it and saw lego figures everywhere. 

We decided to hit the Star wars exhibit first as we figured that this would be the most popular one. 

We were not disappointed. 

I didn't want to take too many pictures as I wanted to enjoy the day but I did take a video that I will link at the end. 

Star wars land featured all the major battles from the first six films, reconstructed in lego bricks.

 But they were not just simple figures they were moving and mixed with a light show, making them look like they were alive! 

It was really exciting.

We then moved over the the mini Lego city exhibit. 

Many of the major cities were represented, with music, sounds and movement. 

It was really clever how they had done it and I thought that it was definitely my favourite. 

Wales - this was a moving rugby team 

Wembly Stadium

London - Buckingham Palace 

And again....

We moved around the rides and I didn't take too many more picture - but I did video them. 

When we were waiting for the Laser Raiders ride, we passed through a reconstruction of ancient egypt and I thought that was really cool. 

Luke made a new friend.

This was our favourite little guy.

All in all, it was a really good day and we had some good weather. 

Its fun to relive your childhood and to escape for a day. 

Here is the video footage: 

I would definitely recommend it even if you have no children! 

Thanks for reading 



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