YOUTUBE and TRAVEL : A Trip to Milton Keynes

Hello everyone, 

I thought that I would write a little post about the latest video that has been uploaded to the main channel. 

Luke and I took a little trip over to Milton Keynes, last weekend to check out some of the shops and some of the sales. 

I loved my outfit for the day:

I wore a blue button up shirt. 
Brown skirt with gold buttons
A black cardigan, tights and black shoes with sewn on flowers. 

Below is my makeup look. 

 I took a couple of photos from the day..... 

The wind up frog. 

The flaming moe energy drink that basically tasted like cinnamon.

Some of the books that I bought. 

I bought the first two sailor moon manga and I am so excited to get reading and enjoy this story all over again as the anime is hard to come by these days. 

I also bought the first book of the Song of fire and Ice trilogy of books. I know that I am going to be sucked in by them so I bet the others will follow later in the month. That being said I need to finish the Red Queen first. 

I bought alot of homeware stuff also. 

But I want to give them, their own post - but they are in the video below as a cheeky preview: 

It was a fun trip and I am rather into buying stuff for the home, as its stuff we are gonna use everyday and therefore in my eyes, they are value for money! 

Thanks for reading 



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