YOUTUBE : A Weekly Catch up

Hello Everyone, 

Its time for the weekly YouTube Channel(s) update. 

I am rather pleased as I managed to get videos out on both channels - I hadn't been able to film for a few weeks and it was really getting to me. 

I'll start with the Gaming Channel first: 

I filmed the penultimate part of the current lets play series - Stardew Valley

I love this game so much and I keep unlocking new areas to explore. I also managed to bag me a husband......

Moving over to the Main Channel and I have put two videos out in the last week.

The first one is the third in a yearly series. 

It's lovingly entitled as I turn 26 and is all about reviewing last years monthly goals and revealing this years. 

The Second video is an unboxing of this Months Loot Anime Box and Birchboxes' Mermaid box

If you have read the posts on here, you already know the items that were in them! 

I really loved filming this type of video - I know some of the new techniques I used, need a bit of refining but I'm loving experimenting with the footage I have. 

So thats it for this update. 

I am hoping to complete the final Stardew valley video this weekend... as for the main channel, well I have a few ideas... 

Thanks for reading 



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