YOUTUBE: Weekly Update

Hello Everyone. 

So, I thought that I would write a quick update post for the two channels. 

I have updated the main channel twice but not the gaming channel.

 I've been having a tough couple of weeks for my anxiety so I have felt that I haven't been able to sit down in front of a camera. 

So the videos that I had been filming were travel footage such as the one from Legoland. 

We went to Legoland for my birthday and I filmed some of it: 

But Yesterday, I managed to film my first sit down video in a while. 

I filmed a video that was the third of its kind. 

Every year, I set myself some yearly goals that go from birthday to birthday. 

So here is as I turn 26: 

In the video, I look back at last year and I reveal my new goals! 

So thats it for now. 

I am hoping to film a gaming video today and upload it perhaps tomorrow! 

So thats it for now, 

Thanks for reading! 



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