ANIME : Loot Anime's Work For it Box

Hello Everyone,

So its a tad delayed due to shipping, but its time to have a look at this Month's Loot Anime box! 

If you want to watch along with the post, I have recorded a video of the items as well: 

So the theme for this box was Work For It! - I thought this was a great idea as often in Animes and Manga, the main character will always have a mountain to climb to get to where  they want to be. 

Below are the items - you can click to enlarge the picture.

Starting on the top left we have this month's Manga - It is a Loot crate exclusive version of Soul Eater.  Luke and I were very curious about this as it had a sticker on the box saying that the manga was not to be read by anyone under 16. I'm guessing its because the premise sounds really violent. 

Next is the Statue that Luke was really looking forward to - It is of Gin Tama  - We were both impressed with the quality of the statue, it came in three pieces but was easy to assemble. It looked like it came all the way from Japan so again, its all plus points. 

Next on the left is A green and Gold Notebook from Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid . I was in love with in from the second I saw it. Its got a rough skin on it, so its like actual Dragon Skin! 

On the bottom right is this month's charm. Its designed to be from the Loot Anime Cafe. Its based on the Starbucks logo but features a cat instead of a Mermaid. Its so cute that I asked Luke if I could have it. 

And Finally, next to it is a Green Pouch from Bungo's Stray Dogs. People online were debating whether you can fit a Nintendo DS it in. I think its safe to say that it would fit. Its a neat little item that I might house my camera in. So that another item 'i've borrowed'. 

Thats it for the box. 

There wasn't any apparel in this one, so we were a little disappointed. But the statue made up for it! 

So thats it for now! 

Thanks for reading 



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