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Hello Everyone! 

So at the weekend, I bought one of my favourite Anime shows on DVD.  I bought the complete collection of Deathnote, along with the matching Ryuk Pop Figure. 

I just love his little Apple 

If you read the blog often, then you know that this was the first adult anime that I got into. 

This led me to think about the shows that I have really enjoyed and that I am still watching.

 I regularly post about the shows that I finish and enjoy on a monthly basis, but I often exclude anime. 

So I thought that I would write a little follow up post to let you know what I'm loving. 

Seven Deadly Sins.

I love so many things about this show, the characters (Hawk.....PIGGY BACK PIGGY BACK), the theme song and the way that its is written. 

For those who haven't seen it. Its an anime set in medieval times, A king is killed and a band of warriors called the Seven Deadly Sins are blamed. They are chased throughout the kingdom by the Holy knights.

One of the Princesses of the Kingdom, Elizabeth stumbles upon the Sin of Wrath, Captain Meliodas and they team up to find the other six sins. 

The anime has alot of Humour, Dark and Filthy, and characters that you'll love. 

As Previously mentioned, mine is the Sidekick of the show, the Pig Hawk. 

He's sassy, he's brave and very funny. 

Here are some of his best moments... It does contain spoilers and it is in Japanese. But you can get a general feel for him.

(I'm not crying you are)

We are making our way through at the moment and its easily accessible on Netflix. 

The Second anime that I have been loving is Tokyo Ghoul

I really thought that I wouldn't get into it, after I have heard how gory and bloodthirsty it is. 

But I'm hooked. 

This anime again has a supernatural twist, Humans are being hunted by Ghouls in Tokyo. 

A young man called Kankei goes on a date with a girl and lets just say it turns out to be the worst one of all time. 

He then finds himself in the world of the Ghouls, Humans that have to eat other humans to survive. 

The Ghouls themselves are being hunted by the Doves. 

If you can handle the gore, its worth a watch. 

We are just mid way through series one, so we have seen some major deaths. 

I'm curious to see how this idea plays out as it sounds like something that will have a limited run. 

The intro with this one is amazing. 

So thats it for now. 

I'll share more, when these are finished. 

So, thanks for reading 



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