FOOD : Apple and Cinnamon Cake

Hello Everyone! 

So this little bake was very much inspired by the first round of this this year's Great British Bake Off! 

They were baking cakes with fruit in and it reminded me of apple cakes that my Grandmother and I used to bake. 

So I decided to give one a go over the weekend! 

I decided to bake an Apple and Cinnamon Cake... cinnamon is one of my favourite spices and flavour so any excuse really to use it. 

I remembered one the main tips was that when you check to see whether the cake is done, not to poke a piece of fruit as it will appear runny when in fact its done. 

So it wouldn't be me, if I didn't change the original recipe. 

Basically, I used this one - BBC Good Food - but I had 6 apples to use up. So I doubled up all the amounts. 

I also swapped the Butter and Milk for vegan alternatives - I kept the eggs in there however. 

This meant that it required an extra 15 mins in the oven. 

But the result was worth it. 

It was so yummy, and again, Luke has been sneaking pieces all day so I know thats a healthy sign that its edible and might be good. 

Personally I felt as if it needed a little more cinnamon, but I think thats personal preference, you can taste it already. I like a bit of a kick of flavour. 

So thats this weeks bake! 

It was fun to do something new 

Thanks for reading! 



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