FOOD : Dairy Free Bread and Butter Pudding

Hello Guys, 

So its time for recipe number two! 

I have been wanting to make one of these for weeks, its a dish that always reminds me of Autumn and Winter (Not that I want summer to be over or anything). 

Its also one of Luke's favourites, so thats an added bonus. 

So I used the following recipe, but as always there was a twist. 

Instead of butter, I used Lactose free butter and I used Alpro Plant milk instead of cream and milk. 

They both worked, just as well as their alternatives. 

I also was quite heavy with the cinnamon and nutmeg as thats just my personal taste. 

So here it is : BBC FOOD

It was very tasty although I think Luke missed having proper custard, so I will work on that next time. 

But its defintatly something that I will be eating again. 

Thanks for reading 



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