FOOD : Potato and Leek Soup

Hello Everyone, 

So as I mentioned yesterday, I am going to be sharing two recipes with you this week! 

I decided that for this week's lunches, I wanted to make some more soups. 

I let fate decide when I went to Tescos and wandered up the produce aisle and saw four amazing looking leeks. 

So naturally I went for Potato and Leek Soup! 

I used the following (bare in mind I am making enough for five days)

4 Leeks 
Two Onions 
A whole packet of Salad potatoes (there were about 12 in there) 
And five Oxo Vegetable stock cubes - to 1.2 litres of water. 

I started by cutting the leeks, onions and potatoes. I sweated them in the saucepan until they became soft. 

I, then added the stock to the saucepan. 

I then let it simmer for half an hour. 

I then blended it down and hey presto... Soup! 

It tastes amazing and I plan to take some bread into work too. 

If I make anymore, I'll be sure to share them on here! 

Thanks for reading



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