FOOD: Strawberry Crumble

Hi all, 

So part one of this week's bakes was kind of unplanned. 

I went in the fridge and realised that I had a punnet of Strawberries to use up so I decided to make a Strawberry Crumble. 

I had made a couple when I was a kid at school but forgot how so I'll admit, I had to google the recipe.

I went for a Nigella Lawson one - except I didn't add the almonds as I didn't have any in the cupboard and unlike me, I actually kept the amounts the same! 

And hey presto here it is......

The crumble wasn't as big as I had hoped. I had used a large baking tray and obviously fruit reduces so next time I'll use two punnets. 

It was still really tasty :) 

I'll let you in on the next bake later...

Thanks for reading 



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Helen C said…
This looks like a fab recipe, I haven’t come across this dish before, but seems like a great way to use up left over strawberries. I love a good rhubarb crumble too! Lately I’ve been doing a bit of baking also, mainly different kinds of biscuits. I think autumnal baking is so comforting! :-) xx

Helen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog
Becky Russell said…
I had never made a strawberry one before but it turned out to be really nice. I like tangy flavours so it was right up my street x

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