FOOD : Vegan Shortbread!


So its time for this week's bake. 

I decided that it was time to attempt shortbread, I'm not gonna lie... My Scottish Heritage makes me weak for these biscuits. 

So I made them on Sunday night. 

But they didn't exactly go to plan. 

Firstly, The shapes are uneven..... I made them in all different lengths and thicknesses. I need to make them alot bigger next time. 

Secondly, they were slightly burnt. 

Thirdly, it needs alot more butter than the recipe asked for... But I think that is because I used a vegan replacement butter. Therefore, I think next time to give it a fighting chance, I need to use slightly more.

Here is the recipe I used : BBC Food

But that being said, they did taste nice. Its just some kinks to work out, I like to share failures on here as well as the better bakes... because at the end of the day thats life. 

I might reattempt them again in the week!

If I do I will write a follow up post. 

Thanks for reading,



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