GAMING : Lego Star Wars - The Force Awakens

Hello Everyone, 

So I thought that I would write a little review of a game that I finished at the weekend. 

Surprise Surprise, its another lego game. 

(I have a stock pile of about 10 that I have been working through since last year)

So this game is Lego Star Wars the Force Awakens 

I have been playing it on the Xbox and over the last weekend, it was actually one of my monthly goals for September.

Sunday was a productive day, as you can see below. 

I loved it, in all honesty. I have to admit that I have seen the film only once, but the cut scenes bought back fun memories. Remember, no one dies in Lego. 

They also included a little bit of Return of the Jedi in the levels and included some 'retro' characters to find. 

It didn't take me long to get through the Story Levels. 

The open world was alot of fun, all the missions were different and it didn't feel as tedious as some of it older siblings. I have written about this on the blog. The map also was very handy in marking missions off and finding new ones. 

I do have a few critiques though 

a) There are extra 'story missions' after the end of the film. They have nothing really to do with anything. I feel as though they should have been gotten rid of and not count towards the achievements. 

b) This is just an xbox moan - if you don't own the dlc, you won't get 100% on the game. Playstation separates the two so you can get the platinum trophy regardless. I just felt a bit cheated after the amount of time I put in. I didn't feel involved in the game enough to spend an extra 8 pound. 

c) Some of the controls are tedious and you have to be in the exact right position to make things happen. This is a common fault in lego games, you also have to make you trigger the next series of events correctly or you can't move on. 

But all in all, its a good game. One of the best Lego ones out there, so I would happily play it again. 

So thats it for now. 

Thanks for  reading 



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