LIFESTYLE : Celebrity Masterchef

Hello Everyone, 

So its time for a little review. 

Sadly, one of my favourite TV shows has come to an end for this year. 

I love Masterchef, and all of its various shows, Masterchef , Celebrity Masterchef and Masterchef the Professionals.

 I find myself glued to the screen and I notice that little techniques seems to sneak their way into my cooking. 

I found myself watching the Greek Masterchef when we were in corfu (with subtitles) and that version was brutal compared to the UK one. 

I always think that in the first round, that the Celebrity one seems alot easier, but I am impressed that they manage to pull in big names.

 In the UK, reality shows are famous for scrapping the barrel and its kinda people that are infamous, rather than famous in their own right. I'm looking at you Big Brother. 

I loved this years show, I backed Rev Kate to win, sadly she didn't make it to the final. I just felt that she nailed everything that she attempted and I didn't agree with her going. 

But the final was as always emotional and I won't say the winners name as it only aired last night, as alot of people love a cheeky catchup.

 But I think the persons victory became more and more apparent as the last couple of challenges were fought.  I do think though, that the final is filled by alot of backstory that isn't needed. 

I have to say I'd love to eat at some of the places featured or food by some of the guest chefs. I can be dream! 

I would always recommend this show as its one you can binge watch at the weekend and just chill out to. 

The end of the Celebrity version normally signals the start of the Professional version, so you know I'll be all over that! 

If you watched it, let me know what you think. Did you agree with the winner? 

Thanks for reading 



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