LIFESTYLE : I'm Poorly!

Hi Everyone, 

So as I write this, I am dosed up on herbal tea and cake. 

Over the last week, I have caught Luke's bug and the Office bug so I'm feeling a little sorry for myself. 

It meant that there was no post yesterday and there hasn't been as many videos as I would have liked.

But I have accepted that I need to relax and just let this thing pass, I don't want to come on camera as a sweaty mess. 

I think my most uttered phrase in the office was 'I'm not sick' while coughing my guts up and sneezing every two mins. 

I have managed to still bake a lovely cake and setup a Bullet Journal (more about them later) and catch up with SO much TV.

Hopefully today, I can catch up with emails and write some posts for the rest of the week... I plan to blast through everything and play the Witcher 3 feeling sorry for myself in bed. 

So for now, 

Thanks for reading 




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