LIFESTYLE: Its Time to Plan Christmas

Hello Everyone, 

As you may or may not know, I am trying to get back in control of my finances. 

As kid and teenager, I was pretty Savvy. 

But this all changed when I moved out and I didn't fully research the adult things that I was doing with my money. 

So, this year in particular Luke and I have decided to fight back. 

We are earning more than we ever have so we have all the chances of getting back our savings whilst also saving for a mortgage. 

One of the most ingenious schemes that I have ever done, all focuses around Christmas. 

I wrote about this  last year before I did it. So the below is now a fully tried and tested method! 

As we know, Christmas is a lovely time for spending too much money. 

But, we've found a way to spread it all out, and for people like me who are anxious, not leave everything to the last minute. 

This centres around Christmas presents and the Food for the big day. 

So above, is the plan from my lovely bullet journal (you can click to enlarge)

The idea is simple, there are five pay days between now and Christmas day (Aug to Dec) . 

1) Make a separate list of all of the birthdays and presents you want to buy. 

2)Work out which presents you are likely to spend the most money on 

3)Finally, work out which presents are seasonal & which are available all year round. 

If you spend a couple of hours being savvy, you can save some real money. 

As some presents are repackaged and made more expensive toward winter, you can grab them in the end of summer sales and hold them. 

The main culprits of these are beauty products. 

You also have time to get some online deals - and also don't forget Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Then assign a couple of presents a month. 

On ours, we knew that our Mums are the ones that we are likely to spend the most on so we put them on separate months. 

We already have three of ours and last year, we actually found we were done by November so we didn't feel rushed. 

We had longer to think about presents and actually had some money in January (which always feels like a longer month).

A little planning can save alot of money and tears!

I honestly swear by it. 

Thanks for reading



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