LIFESTYLE: Keeping on track after a difficult week.

Hello everyone, 

So the past week didn't have the best start for reasons that I won't go into... and it gradually got worse as it went on. 

So I thought that I would write a post about the things that have really helped me to try and stay with a positive frame of mind! 

The idea is about finding a positive within a negative and who knows, maybe these things will help you too....

1) The Gym 

I love going to the gym and I felt so frustrated when I couldn't go because I was getting used to medication.  

As soon as I felt as though I was ready, I was back! 

So I love going and just losing myself to music in my lovely wireless headphones. I have a couple of playlists from the ministry of sound that I can just immerse myself in and they update themselves weekly so there is always something new to discover. 

While I'm there I like to imagine scenarios and how I'm going to make decisions.

 I guess you could say that its like my little mindplace, you know like Sherlocks'.... I also like the feeling that my entire body is being worked.

I just don't love the walk back after.... my gym is at the bottom of the hill so leaving it always hurts.....

I am also trying to eat as healthy as I can. Its time to get ready for the spring and the next race. Healthy fuel for a healthy body and all that. 

2) Baking and cooking

Another place I can lose myself is when I am in the Kitchen.

 As with the blog, I love to create something out of nothing. 

I always bake at the weekend, but I cook throughout the week.

I feel out of sync if I can't do it, I'm a real lover of having routines in place. 

I hate waiting around for a takeaway if I know that I could have done it myself.

 Plus with my diet, its always so much easier to create my own dishes (There doesn't tend to be many nice Veggie loving restaurants near where I live). 

This week I did a double whammy of features ..... Bread and butter Pudding and Potato and Leek Soup.  There will be posts later next week to share how I made them. 

3) Getting Stuck into a game 

If you read the blog often, then you will know that I set myself monthly goals. 

One is always a game. This month's one - Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens - allowed me to go for 100% completion and gave me a lovely sense of achievement. 

Theres something saitisfiying about the ping/ pop noise that the Xbox makes when you get an achievement. Especially with these new diamond achievements that kinda sparkle too. 

I think having a goal like this helped to keep me focused, my head didn't stray and wander. The more occupied it is, the quieter those negative voices are and the anxiety is kept at bay. 

4) Getting obessesed with a TV show 

Very similar to the above, is that I have found that I am really enjoying Tv at the moment.

 I am still trying to finish Pretty Little Liars. I'm not far off and I find myself say what the.... every couple of episodes now. 

As we are veering into autumn, the Tv in the UK tends to pick up.

 I am currently loving the following (not in an particular order) The Great British Bake off, Doctor Foster, Liar, Victoria, American Horror Story Cult & Celebrity Masterchef.

Ah what a time to have internet. 

5 ) Friends and family 

I have to say the last week, I have really appreciated my family. 

I have realised how close we are and how much support I have out there. 

I'm a tad socially awkward and I can check in and out and I feel as though its difficult to reach out sometimes. 

But the love is there. 

6) The Blog

So the blog went through a massive change last week - you might have noticed it.

 If you look up at the address bar - you might notice that it reads 

Yep, I did it. I invested some blog earnings into owning my own website domain. 

(Yes I have Blog earnings now!?!) 

Since I have done so, my views have tripled. 

Buying the website was kind of a knee jerk reaction to the news I received. I suddenly felt less cautious. 

7) Staying off social media

I've spoken alot about this in the past, but staying off social media has really helped. I don't need to know the ins and outs of everyone else lives and they don't need to know mine. 

Plus I know that I'm less likely to see certain trigger points....

I read a quote that said share less, make them wonder about how you do it. 

.... and finally, just remembering that the bad will soon pass. I know that it sounds like such a cliche but its true. 

Its not a bad life, just a bad day. 

Things have really been put into perpective for me, but I have realised whats important and what really isn't. 

As always, thanks for reading! 



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