LIFESTYLE: Reasons to Celebrate ( A Life Update)

Hello guys, 

So as I have already filmed a video on what I am going to talk about, I also wanted to write a little post to let you know whats going on! 

The video is posted below if you wanna watch as well : 

So its time for a few updates :

1) I am graduating Uni! 

My University has been in contact to say that early next year, I shall be graduating.

 It feels good after 3 years of work. You may know, that I intend to go back to become a teacher so my journey is hopefully not completely over. 

2) I have booked my next journey abroad. 

Luke and I are going to Italy at the end of the year and are staying in the beautiful city of Rome.

 I can't wait to get there. 

I have seen it on TV so many times and longed to go and wander and make a wish at the Trevvi fountain. Plus its all for Luke's birthday so its a double celebration. 

3) My Anxiety is ALOT better. 

I have been through the mill, the past couple of months in terms of my mental health. But I have finally gotten to the point that I can honestly say, I am feeling better. 

I can tell this because my life is slowly getting back to what it used to be. 

 I have started to commit to using my cinema card and getting out of the house - aside for work and for the gym. 

I have managed to go a week without a panic attack and my sleeping patterns are starting to get better. I am still on my medication and I am finding that having a bullet journal is really helping to organise my head. 

I still find it so hard to talk about out loud, I struggle to look people in the eye. So there is still a little way to go yet. 

I also spoke on the video about the fact that I had reached 100 videos on Hideaway Blogging and 500 posts on here. 

I have written already about those milestones in some of my previous posts. 

I'm hoping that in having a downtime, that I am now honestly dealing with my feelings and I'm putting up a decent battle. 

Theres lots of reasons to be happy. 

As always, thanks for reading 



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