LIFESTYLE : September Goals Results

Hi Everyone,

It's time to share the results of this month's goals

So if we cast our minds back, these were the goals that I set.

1) I want to write my Personal Statement for University. 

Completed -   This was something that I really wanted to do so that I was organised. What I didn't write into the goal, is that I really wanted to get all my finance sorted and the whole application sent. There is so many different elements that I had to get in place. But I am happy to say that it is all done. 

I really hope that I get an offer for at least one course. I hope someone likes me. As I have wanted to be a teacher since I was a child. However I can also accept that what isn't meant to be, isn't meant to be. 

2) I want to have a good look at my finances and set up a plan - including Christmas

Completed  This is something that again had a load of background work that I didn't write into the goal. So, I plan to write a detailed post on this. But I managed to look at both of our bank accounts and set up a spending spreadsheet. From there, I looked at all of our bills, what was high and what exactly we were spending. 

I managed to know 20 pound off my mobile phone bill per month by just questioning my bill. I was still getting charged for something from my previous contract but I wasn't aware. I also managed to get some of our monthly bills dropped down too. Every little helps and all that. 

Christmas is all planned, I have written a separate blog post on this also. 

3) I want to complete Lego Star wars to 100% on Xbox One. 

completed :  I found this Lego game alot more enjoyable than the last couple that I have played. I have already written a review, earlier in the month about it. I found it easier to complete the game.

4) I want to  have another run through on Uncharted 4. 

completed : So I was quite broad with this one, because it was an extra goal. For this one, I set the game to crushing mode and got a collectibles guide from the internet. So Slowly  one by one I am unlocking all the trophies. 

I honestly love this game and its been fun to play it without the deadline of a months completion hanging over me! 

So its been a successful month on a whole, 

Heres to the next one 



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