Hello Everyone, 

So another blog milestone was hit today! 

I officially have written and uploaded 500 posts.

Its honestly weird to think that I have found that much to talk about and that more people than ever are reading my posts. 

I've said, quite honestly, a few times before that after the first month, I expected that I would pack it in. 

 But as the time went on and the more people that I started talking to, I decided that this blog was something that I wanted to continue for the long term. 

I now ensure that I upload a post everyday and have expanded the blog's range to Beauty, Lifestyle, Gaming. 

I've met some incredible bloggers from around the world and have gotten involved in several groups and bought events on to here.  

I get lovely offers from around the UK to go to events and sadly due to full time work I have to decline. 

I would love to get to the point, that I got just say, right, I'm going to blog full time... but I have to be realistic at this point in my life. 

We are saving for a mortgage and are enjoying travelling, and those two things are not cheap to do.

Also Hideway is a hobby, its a release. I don't ever want it to feel like an obligation. 

Two years on, I have to admit that I still find it weird when people in my personal life say they are reading and enjoyed my posts.

 A little voice inside says to me, how dare they read it, its private.... but its like, its on the internet. Nothing is private on the internet. 

The blog has changed so much since it started. 

My first post was a rant. You can read it here . I remember posting it and being so happy when it went into double digits. I try and keep that feeling. 

 I've gone from getting 10 hits in total on a post to 100 hits as standard to 1000s. 

I'm not saying that as a brag, but as a humble thank you. 

I put alot of effort into this blog and the two channels, not expecting anything back. I do it as a creative release and put it out into the world. 

To have the blog numbers jump up and also followers jump up on the social media pages... is a mind blowing thing. 

I hope that I will never get used to it and never take it for granted. If I do, throw a cake at my face. 

Thank you to you for reading my blog,visiting the Hideaway and taking a few minutes to enjoy what I'm sharing. 

Who knows what the next 500 posts will offer, or if there will be another 500 but its time to look to the future! 

Thanks for reading 

Becky / Beerus / Bruss 


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