Hi Everyone, 

So following on from yesterday's celebration post :500 POSTS! .

I took a little look at my Youtube channels and realised that I hit a milestone without realising it. 

I have hit the 100 video mark on Hideaway Blogging

So, I'll admit that I find Youtube alot more of a challenge than the Blog. 

The main reasons for this is a) I upload here everyday so its a well oiled machine b) I still lack a bit of confidence with videos. 

I feel as though if I'm not 100 percent into what I wanna talk about then I fear that this leaks a little onto the video.  

I feel that if my makeup is off then, its gonna be a crap video.

 If I'm not wearing the right thing then its gonna be a crap video. 

But I think that I am starting to discover my own style. Finally haha. 

I think that there is this shared common misconception that you post a couple of videos and you'll get popular and then you instantly have an audience. 

No, actually what you don't know is that it takes alot of work, determination and drive to keep going. 

In the first year, I was very disheartened and at the start of this year, this happened again. 

The main thing that I decided to do was to turn the sub counts off as alot of people sub just to get a sub back. This made me think that I was doing a crap job. 

But the views said otherwise.

 According to the channel stats, someone is watching everyday and for me this is mind-blowing. 

I'm still trying to find my way but I have a new found determination to keep going! 

Here is my first video, its very close to my heart : 

Thanks for reading 



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