YOUTUBE : A Weekly Catch up

Hello Everybody! 

So I thought that I would share whats been going on, on the Youtube Channels. 

They've both been a little quiet, as I have alot of University work due but I did manage to get a video out on the main channel! 

I'm hoping that after next Friday, I will have all the time in the world for filming, blogging and uploading. 

So in the video below , Luke and I filmed a First impressions / unboxing of the Loot Anime Box for this month. 

It was really fun and although the angles are a little off, its one of my favourites that I have done recently. I love filming with Luke as sometimes, he sees things from a different point of view. 

I have something different coming tomorrow..... A little weekend with us ;)

I hope to get something also filmed for the Gaming Channel... I really need to finish Uncharted the lost legacy. 

Thanks for reading 



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