YOUTUBE : A Weekly Catch up

Hello Everyone, 

So I'm currently tucked under a duvet watching the latest Celebrity Masterchef episodes and I thought that I would update you with this week's Youtube offerings. 

The good news is that I am starting to feel alot better after having a horrible cold. 

I was laying in bed sweating on Sunday and theres no other way to describe it but gross. 

I had to force myself to take the day to feel better and not touch the blog, camera tor uni work for a day.

 Lucky for me, I didn't have to take a day off sick as I was the worst over the weekend. 

So I got in front of the camera and filmed the below - Lets start with the Main channel. 

I have had alot of reasons to celebrate so I thought I would film a little life update video! 

I am very keen to get the channel back onto a positive tone. 

I know that there has been concerns since I revealed that my anxiety was really bad.

 So I made this to help put everyones minds at ease. 

And on the Gaming Channel: 

I unboxed this month's Loot gaming box. 

Its theme is Fortress. 

I won't say too much as I am yet to show you all it on here but if you want a cheeky preview - then check it out. 

Luke joined me for the first time in a while so that was nice.


So thats it for now. 

I hope to get round to a few more this week! 

Thanks for reading 



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