ANIME : Scaretober - Corpse Party : Tortured Souls

Hi Everyone,

So for the month of October, I will be working my way through Horror / Supernatural Anime in honour of Halloween.

I thought that when I finished something, I would write a little review.

So the first title that we watched was called Corpse Party :Tortured Souls.

I had first heard of it through a top ten horror Anime video from watch Mojo, which I will link below:

I liked the sound of it because there was an element of mystery surrounding the story as well as horror.

The Anime consists of 4 episodes, each 30 mins long, which is quite handy for watching after work. 

I would say that if you are below 15, don't watch it. 

It is based on a famous Horror Game of the same name, so if you liked that then the Anime won't disappoint.

The story surrounds a group of school friends as they deal with one of their number moving away to another school. 

They perform a special charm to always keep them linked and the next thing they know theres an Earthquake..... and they wake up in different school filled with angry spirits and ALOT of dead bodies. 

They are all split up and have to reunite whilst dodging alot of blood thirsty spirits.

So I'll be honest, it was gross and some of the deaths seemed a little bit extra and over the top. 

If you are at all sensitive to gore, then don't watch it, I realised that I was gasping alot and staring at the screen with an open mouth.

I like that the story is not all it appears to be upfront, as I said there is an element of mystery to it. 

It moves at a very fast pace, alot of things happen off screen so you gotta pay attention.

 I watched it in the original Japanese so I was reading subtitles, so I found I had to rewatch a few things. 

I think though, that four episodes was just about the right amount, its the same length as a two hour horror film. 

I'll admit that I had to watch it on Youtube as it was not on Crunchyroll or any of the other sites we normally watch, so I will link them below. 

Also I won't share any clips and I'll struggle to do it with there being gore in them. 

The Watchmojo video above shares a little. 

But all in all, I'm glad I watched it. 

Part One :

Part two (violence from the first second so be aware) : 

Part Three: 

Part Four (again Violence from the off - be warned) : 

So thats it, we have already started watching the next anime : Parasyte , so I will let you know what we think when its finished 

Thanks for reading 



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