BEAUTY : Birchbox Haul!

Hello Everyone,

I hope that everyone is nice, warm and tucked up, especially to those in Ireland. 

We have had the tail end of a tropical storm, for us in the midlands (England), we had an orange sky and a red sun. I wish I had gotten a picture. 

 For those in Ireland, they have fast winds and horrible conditions.

 I have family in Ireland and they have been on my mind constantly today. 


So on to the main bulk of this post. I have been so excited for these items to arrive, I recently finished University and I got these as a present to myself.

These are items that were ordered from the Birchbox store and are not part of the monthly box. 

I will feature that later in the week. 

So in the first box, I had purchased something that I have had my eye on for the last year....

Heres a clue,

I finally bought the entire Mermaid Brush Set from Spectrum! 

I love them because they are colourful, they are vegan and they are the softest thing that I have ever felt.

I'm almost afraid to use them! 

In the same box I also made a couple of repurchases, I bought the Arrow lip balm that changes to match your skin PH. My lips always go a baby pink and it does wonders for my dry lips. 

I also repurchased the Cowshed, cowpat hand cream - The smell alone is worth it 

I then also repurchased the Percy and Reed Overnight Hair treatment - its quick to apply and great to leave in you hair. My hair has never been so soft, shiny and clean feeling after I wash it out.

As a free gift, I got two free Oliver Bonas Candles. 

They are little colourful tins as you can see, with an amazing scent. 

I didn't think I was gonna like the smell of mint coming from a candle, but they quickly balance out any bad smells in the room.  

The second treat (the main treat) was a limited edition inspired by Asia box. 

It was so popular that its already sold out. 

It came in this cute little zip up plastic pink bag, it has a cute little face design on it.

Inside, were the following products, I was interesting in trying items that I had never heard of as I like to be surprised. 

Instead of reviewing the products now, I plan to do a separate post. 

All I will say though is I am really looking forward to using the marshmallow foaming gel (!?!) and the Lavender Clay mask. 

(Luke has been eying up the Charcoal Strips ) 

It felt nice, to be able to treat myself as normally, I kind just spend all my money on books and video games. 

Let me know if you have tried any of the products above and what you though of them (you can click to enlarge). 

I plan to film a video soon, so there will be a little close up of everything. 

But for now,

Thanks for reading 



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