BEAUTY : This Month's Birchbox & Marzia's Cosy box

Hello Everyone, 

So this month, I have been blessed with alot of goodies and deliveries. 

I posted about some of them yesterday, but today is the turn of this Month's Birchbox and Marzia's Quarterly box. 

The Theme of this box is Cosy and the Birchbox is in collaboration with the Coppafeel Breast Cancer 

I'll start with the Birchbox. 

The Box is a beautiful purple and pink, its looks a little like a bath bomb effect. 

I love that this box had a great message behind it, it is encouraging women to check themselves daily. 

I have watched a Great Aunt die of Breast Cancer and she died so quickly (within weeks of being diagnosed), so its an illness that I will always help to promote awareness for. 

Inside was the following: 

As always starting on the left - is the Anatomicals Grab your Melon's Shower Gel. The perfect product to use daily and to remember to check yourself! 

Next to it is this month's choice. I could choose between a Contour stick or a blusher. I chose the ModelCo Contour stick, simply because I have no other contour products. I'm not one to contour so this looked simple and a gateway product. I'll let you know how it goes! 

I'll come back to the bag in a sec - as its an optional extra

On the bottom row on the left is the Three Wishes Body Butter Almond. My Favourite product in the world is body butter due to my awkward skin, so this will be a nice addition to my collection!

Next to it is probably the most exciting item for me, it is the Badland's Dry Shampoo paste. I am trying to get out of the habit of shampooing my hair everyday ( at the moment if I miss a day my hair looks greasy as eff) so anything that assists would be greatly welcomed. I was excited for it because apparently it is made out of Hawaiian Volcanic ash?! I can't say I've ever tried a similar product 

Finally on the right is the Balance Me Pure Skin Face Wash. I'll be honest, I received a very similar product from the same company a couple of boxes before... its called the molecular water. I haven't used it yet so it might be good to use it together. 

SO, back to the optional choice, I got an email through to say that for £3 extra, I could get a gold bracelet, I noticed that it had the word believe on it so I knew it was up my street.

I've been through a very trying time of late, I'm out the other side and it was nice just to treat myself to something like this

So without further ado, its time to Diego's all time favourite box! 

(He wanted to eat the pink paper that came with it ) 

It's this quarter's box from the Youtuber Marzia. 

This box has the theme of cozy.... she must have sensed that my skin was suffering cos she more than hooked me up! 

The box was rammed - so you can't see everything - You can however click to enlarge the picture. 

So in the box was the following : 

Starting on the left, is a full sized Kenra Hairspray. I was amazed at the size. I'm so used to testers that this seemed like a giant! 

On the right is the Hello Extra Whitening Flouride Toothpaste - Its seems like a but of a left field choice, but hey, you can't go wrong with toothpaste. According to the box, this one is all natural and has never been tested on animals! 

On the bottom row is the Crabtree and Evelyn Lavender and Expresso Body Lotion. I love these two smells separately so I look forward to using this. Apparently the coffee really helps to refresh your skin. 

Another set of products is from the Blue Lagoon in Iceland. I'll admit I was extremely jealous when I watched the Vlog of Marzia taking a holiday there. They went to the spa, Blue Lagoon and everything looked so natural. So when I heard this was gonna be in the box, I was beyond excited. Its a three step spa treatment so I will be enjoying this as a weekend treat. 

The Next set of products starts with (on the left) - The Yes to Grapefruit Sleeping Mask. I have never used a mask that is meant to last more than 15 minutes so I'll be interested to see how this one works out! 

Above in the middle is the Borghese Restorative eye sheet. My eyes are a real problem area, I have big dark circles under them, so lets see if this helps! 

On the right hand side on the bottom is the Agadir Moisture Hair Mask. I try to use a hair mask at least once a week so this will fit nicely into my routinue. 

On the bottom is the Derma Overnight peel - again an overnight treatment, I'm excited to see how this works out. 

And finally, Marzia's own designed items. 

Starting on the left, is the Creamy Pop Stickers and badges of Edgar and Maya. I love that she features her pets in here design as I'm a big animal person so I find these really cute

In the middle on the top is an art print by Marzia. Its a cute little Space design set to a purple background. 

Below is a candle that smells of vanilla ice cream ! The design features the Forest Creature Shido. When I saw that there was a candle in the box, again I got excited. This is the time of year where every surface has a candle on it! 

and finally on the right is a flannel/wash cloth. It is of the first creature Saku and it looks like it is trying make up for the first time (you can see the design in the picture at the start of this section). Its almost too cute to use if I'm being honest and is a handy addition to my collection. 

So that it for now. 

I love getting these two boxes, so let me know what you think of the items! 

I think thats it for the box posts - except for the Anime Loot Crate. 

But for now, thank you for reading! 



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