FASHION : A Little Haul

Hello Everyone, 

If you have watched the Video that I uploaded on Saturday, then you will know that I actually went clothes shopping and replaced clothes that were recently thrown out for being ancient.

I actually managed to get alot of clothes and not spend that much money. 

I got both everyday clothes and work clothes.

 However I have omitted the work clothes as they are fairly boring. 

So I'll start with the shoes! 

I'm terrible for replacing shoes and I tend to only focus on the old reliable ones. 

I decided that it was time for a change so I noticed that New Look were doing a two for one sale, New look tend to be my major go to for shoes as  they accommodate my wide feet. 

I saw these first pair of pumps and fell in love. 

They are a little pink with an orange, yellow and green pattern on them, an instant add of colour to any outfit. 

They are super comfy and I recently tested them out around the park .

In the same sale I picked out another pair of Pink trainers, they have a sewn on beads and sequins to make a leaf effect. 

I love them because they are also rose gold. 

So I also bought a jumper from Primark, I want to build up my Jumpers and Knits for the winter. 

I started with this purple number, I had visions of me wearing it over the Christmas time. 

Its has a glitter collar on it also.

The last item that I want to feature is a bag that I picked up from new look. 

Luke bought me a backpack in Corfu and I was obbessed with it. Sadly because of the material and quality of it, it broke very quickly. 

I found it so useful, especially when going to the gym. 

But, I have discovered another backpack to love!

I added a skyrim badge because, why not? 

So thats it for now. 

I need to get into the habit of actually updating my wardrobe more that once a year. 

Thanks for reading 



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