FOOD : Vegetable Ramen Recipe

Hello Everyone, 

So I thought that I would I would share my attempt at cooking one of my take away favourites. 

Basically, Luke and I are obsessed with middle eastern food and we love getting some whenever we can. 

Luke ALWAYS orders a meat Ramen dish, featuring chicken, pork, prawn and Egg. 

I thought that I would try and make a basic Ramen dish as I read that the idea behind it is to use up all your leftover Veggies.

I thought that I attempt to walk before I could run as so to speak and as a vegetarian this option suited me just fine. 

So I got to cooking 

The Ingredients I used were : 

8 x of Tenderstem Broccoli 
6x Snow Peas
6 x of Baby Sweetcorn 
1x  Red chilli 
2 x carrots 
3 x Spring onions 
2 packs of ramen Noodles 

For the Stock: 

4 Table spoons of Light Soy Sauce 
2 Tablespoons of ground Ginger
2 Vegetable stock cubes - (1 stock cube to 400ml of water) 

So Basically, I chopped all the vegetables and put them in a pan 

I waited until they were almost cooked all the way through. 

In a separate pan, I boiled the noodles, when they were almost done, I added them to the vegetables. 

In a separate bowl, I mixed the soy sauce with the ginger and added it to the Vegetable stock

I pour it over the noodles and the Vegetables. 

A couple of mins later and it was done! 

The chilli and the soy created a sticky spicy twist and I really enjoyed it. 

It built my confidence to make a different one next time! 

So let me know if you attempt this recipe, I know its a little basic, but it turned out to be alot easier than I imagined. 

Its always nice to try something new. 

Thanks for reading 



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Unknown said…
OMG I am obsessed with ramen and this veggie one looks amazing!! Need to try!

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