LIFESTYLE : A Chilled Weekend and a Great Week for Gaming!

Hello Everyone, 

So I haven't posted in a couple of days, I have been spending time just doing what I have missed doing all these past months. 

My week at work has been quite busy and stressful, so when I was coming home,  I was getting stuck into box sets, games and books. 

On Wednesday night, I sat in my bathroom and I decluttered all my beauty products, I got rid of alot of boxes.

 I have received so many beauty products from boxes and other events that I was unaware of how many items I actually had. 

I have managed all my skin products in particular and developed a new routine. 

My skin is alot clearer and softer and also not as worn down by the horrible windy weather. 

Below is about a quarter of everything I have, this is my day to day makeup. 

The main book that I have fallen in love with is a Game of Thrones, by George R R Martin.

 I love the TV show, but I wanted to read the original story. I am glad I have, things are explained fully and there is more time with characters that sadly have since been killed off. 

I normally read a couple of chapters at lunch and maybe three or four before I go to sleep. 

(it's 800 pages long though......)

Yesterday, was a busy day - even though I titled this a chilled weekend. 

I went to Milton Keynes to see my family, sadly not under the best of cirumstances, but it was a really good day.

I went to Wagamama's for Lunch and had an amazing noodle dish. 

I'm finding now that I'll order something and immediately try and guess how its made and how the ingredients are prepared....

Am I getting boring or are my cooking skills improving? I dunno. 

Buttttttt, I also made three purchases that I have been waiting all year for. 

I rarely get too excited for gaming sequels but these are expected to be amazing and so far I am not disappointed. 

I spent all of Saturday Evening playing South Park, I haven't laughed out loud as much as I did in those couple of hours. 

Luke is having the first play through of the Evil Within as I write this and I keep hearing is ewww and swearing. So I know its good!

Today will be spent playing the third purchase, Cuphead. 

It's just like being in a 1930s cartoon! 

( I love it for the music alone....tbh)

( I spent my childhood watching old cartoons from the 30's (when my grandparents were little so its all their fault haha)) 

 I hope that I can post more in the upcoming week, I have alot of posts planned so hopefully I can write something legible! 

Thats it for now, I just wanted to check in!

Thanks for reading 



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