LIFESTYLE : Getting those Finances Under control

Hi Everyone,

So I thought that I would write a little post regarding one of September's monthly goals.

I set myself the challenge of basically taking a good look at our joint finances and seeing what was being spent where.

I've found a few things have really helped so I thought that I would share them. As I am talking about personal issues such as Finance, I am going to be slightly vague with the details as there is the danger of the internet and all that.

So the first thing that I did was to blow the dust off my old finance spreadsheet. I had tracked our outgoings religiously at the start of the year, but I had stopped over the summer.

In doing this for out joint account, I looked at each direct debit and the amount being charged. I then turned my attention to our personal accounts.

I managed to get 20 pounds knocked off our Vodafone contact, just by looking at my account online. I was being charged for things from my old account still, when I renewed they stayed on there.

I then also managed to do something similar with our TV and Internet provider. All in all that was 45 pound a month off.

Just seeing things in black and white really bring it all home.

I learnt a bit of a painful lesson however with my Electricity provider, we were showing in credit but in providing a meter reading this wasn't the case. However, we have learnt a valuable lesson in this experience. Send in meter readings! 

We also identified where we lose alot of money, mainly on little treats that we don;t need and the food shop. 

We have tried a couple of different supermarkets to see who is cheaper and that has really helped. We are happy with who we chose but we will still shop around one week out of the month to check that this is still the case.

One main thing that has helped mind and body , is using the car less. I have started walking everywhere but work. I've actually found that I am alot less stressed and that I've started appreciating the outside alot more. 

I think I'm just kind of stating the obvious, but we have noticed a difference in our mindset towards money. I think its been a long time coming as we really need to get a mortgage deposit sorted. 

I have started to ask myself what is more important, a take away, a new game or a house? 

Thanks for reading 



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