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Hi Everyone, 

Time for a Festive post, I absolutely love this time of year. 

Halloween through to Christmas is just the cosiest, exciting and fun filled couple of months. 

However it can be expensive and stressful if you leave everything for the last minute.


But before I mention Halloween or Christmas, I thought that I would talk about Last night. 

Luke and I had a date night in Milton Keynes. I briefly mentioned it on the last post I wrote. 

We ended up going to Pizza express and then onto the cinema

They have a few vegan options, which were to die for.

We went to watch a re-release of an old Anime film, Perfect Blue. 

It turned twenty years old this year. 

I had never heard of it, but I'm glad that I checked it out. 

The story is about a Pop Idol who leaves singing behind to pursue a career in acting. She is stalked by an obsessive fan and literally loses all touch with reality. 

Its slightly dated, you see the introduction of the internet and how revolutionary it was at the time, but it stands up well. 

Its a great story, its got alot of twists and turns, some of it is very uncomfortable to watch. 

It features grisly murder scenes and discusses and shows rape. So its for those of you over 18. 

Here is the trailer (I watched the original in Japanese): 

You can check out the english dub of the film below :


Soooooo back to Halloween and Christmas. 

Today I went into the cellar and got out my favourite Halloween decorations, there isn't alot of space in the flat that we live in but we do what we can. 

I plan to write a post showing them off next week, but below is a preview. 

There are a few that aren't featured. 

I made a video a couple of years ago which you can check out in the mean time: 

I know thats its way too soon to be talking about Christmas, but we officially only have two people left to buy for.

I thought that I would do a quick wrap now and save the pain of doing it in December. 

Its not too late to follow the guide I wrote about planning for Christmas there are still three pay days left! 

I will link it here

So thats it for now, I have been binge watching the walking dead all day while Luke gets acquainted with The Evil Within Two.

I hope you are all having a great weekend! 

Thanks for reading 



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