LIFESTYLE : Loot Gaming's Augment box

Hello Everyone! 

I hope that you are enjoying the start of the weekend... I have given the flat a nice clean and I am all tucked up on the sofa watching the new series of Our Girl

So I thought that it was about time that I shared this Month's Loot Gaming Crate Unboxing! 

I have already filmed and uploaded a video of our first reactions which you can check out below : 

So this crate's theme was Augment - so the building up of skills throughout time. 

The top featured game in this crate is Destiny 2 and therefore there are three items from it. 

So as always, I will start from the top left (you can click to enlarge the above picture),  we have the Cayde - 6 figure from Destiny 2 . I already knew that this would be featured in the box as there was a spoiler email. This guy is Luke's favourite so I immediately said that he could have it. 

Next, is this months Pin, also from Destiny 2, it is based on the strange coin that you can use in game.  It's gold with a green centre, I have immediately put it on my new bag that I bought a couple of weeks ago. Its keeping my skyrim one company!

Next on the left is a water bottle with built in straw from Prey.  I was really happy with this because I have a study water bottle for work but not at home. Thank god that its not a mimic.....

Below in the middle, is a Badge and Pin set from Borderlands. I was surprised to see that it was a fabric badge set that you can sew onto clothes. I do love a bit of crafting. 

And finally below is the T-shirt from Destiny.  Its baby blue and has a ghost design on it. Luke is extremely jealous of it and I think I'll definitely be wearing it on those infamous gaming days. 

So a little announcement, this is going to be my last box from Loot Gaming, because I have switched to the main loot crate box. I feel as though the mix of movies, tv and gaming are more up my street. Luke is still going to be getting Loot Anime so that will remain the same every month, but I think all in all, this was a great box to end on. 

So as always, thanks for reading



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