LIFESTYLE : October Goals

Hello Everyone, 

So its time to share my goals for the upcoming month! 

1) I want to Finish University

My last piece of work is due in the first week of October and this brings this year to a close. 

I've reapplied to go onto to teacher training so I hope this isn't the end of my journey. But if it it, I want to end it on a high. 

Its gonna be a stressful few weeks but I hope that its all going to be worth it! 

2) I want to get as close as I can to 100% on Lego Pirates of the Caribbean 

Its the last Lego game that I have. End of a Era really. But its time to try and complete this game. Then who knows what games I will move on to? Definitely no more lego please. 

3) I want to have an Anime Horror inspired Binge . 

I am really into Anime at the moment. The Horror genre is my favourite and I have researched and found so many anime series that I want to check out. Halloween seems to be a great time to do this! 

4) I want to Bring back Scaretober this Year! 

There will be more on this later. But basically, I want a month of gaming videos devoted to playing horror games. I did this last year and really enjoyed it. So its time to bring it back!

So thats four goals set. 

Check in to see how it went later in the month!

Thanks for reading 



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