LIFESTYLE : Happy Halloween

 Hello Everyone!

I hope that everyone enjoyed Halloween. 

We spent ours watching the new series of Stranger Things and also opening the door to trick or treaters. 

There is a general rule that if you don't knock if the house isn't decorated so we decided to dress it up a little! 

We started with a home made Jack O Lantern , total credit to Luke who crafted this little guy. 

We live in a ground floor flat so I popped our light up pumpkin and ghost in the window where they could be seen 

Next to the Ghost is a black metal Bat house. I popped a tea light candle in and the spooky eyes on the side of the house kids protected onto the window. 

It made them look alot larger and was a cool effect for Halloween. 

Here was some of the over all effect.

As for inside.... I picked up this cute little Cactus plant, complete with pumpkin pot. 

I had a matching bowl on the living room table filled with nuts as I'm not supposed to eat chocolate. 

I wanted to hand the sweets out in a cool way rather than just from a bag, I remembered that one of the Loot Crate boxes we received was in the shape of a first aid box. 

So I filled it with the goodies and waited for our visitors.

The rest of the night was dedicated to the Upside down. A nice quiet year.....

And now its November 1st... I can talk about Christmas right? 

Thanks for reading 



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