LIFESTYLE : An Autumn Walk and A Weekly Vlog

Hello Everyone, 

So I noticed that I had a fair few images on my phone from my Autumn Walk/ run that we did on Sunday. 

It was lovely to get outside and see nature and just be at peace for a while 

Luke loves capturing wildlife on his phone. I think its secretly his favourite hobby! 

Starting to feel a bit Christmassy! 

We said that we would go back on Saturday with nuts for the squirrels... they are so friendly at the moment. I guess they are collecting food for hibernation. 

Sadly after the walk I discovered that my Car had been vandalised but thats a story for another day. 

This trip features in my new Weekly Vlog which you can check out below: 

I'm hoping that these type of videos that feature everything in are a little more interesting than previous videos that I have done! 

Thats it for now

Thanks for reading 



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