LIFESTYLE : What's Been Going on and a New Weekly Vlog

Hi guys, 

I've realised that its been a week since I last posted..... So I thought that it was time to change that. 

Basically due to being a tad poorly and trying to get back into a training regime, I've not had much time to myself. 

I have discovered a love for spin class! I never thought that I would be saying that. 

Basically, it all started on Sunday, I went to the Memorial parade and due to the clothes that I was wearing, I was frozen to the bone. 

I was wearing my gym gear and after two hours of standing still, I was so cold that it took two days to feel normal again. I felt sick and as if I would never be warm again. 

I started to feel better on Tuesday! 

You can see it all in the below video:

I've been feeling ever so tired as I'm on the later shift at work and the nights are so dark. 

But I have also to write about so, post should be getting back to normal! 

Thanks for bearing with me. 



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