BEAUTY :Blogger's Winter Brawl . Day Four, Five, Six and Seven

Hello Everyone, 

So due to Christmas and mental health commitments, I seem to have fallen behind on the Beauty Brawl. 

Sometimes, life just gets in the way doesn't it? 

So in this post, I will be reviewing Day Four, Five, Six and Seven. 

I'll try and make the post as streamline as possible. 


So Day four's Brief was to review a lip Treatment. 

I went for Arrow's Boost Lip Balm. 

I was excited to give it a go because it is meant to be different for everyone that uses it. It's a clear balm that changes colour in reaction to the PH of your skin.

My Lips go a light baby pink 

Its a nice little go to because as well as giving you a pop of colour, it helps against the cold weather. My lips are super sensitive and this is the only product that I have been using in the past month. 

I wanted to give it a proper test. 

My lips are smooth, calm (I.e none chapped) and well protected. 

I liked this product so much that I purchased a new one. 



On to to Day Five 

The brief for this day was to review an eye shadow palette. 

I went for the Natural Glow Palette 2 by Barry M

This is my go to for work, the colours are bright enough for day to day wear but also respectful enough for work. 

As you can see from the picture below the palette is well loved 

My favourite colour of the palette is the middle one, a shimmery white shade. 

The Palette also comes with a highlighter, which doesn't work for me. I prefer a cream highlighter. 

All in all, I love this product and I highly recommend it. 

Its cheap, cheerful and the shadow sticks on your eyelid for the whole day! 



On to Day Six.... The brief for the day was to review a facial primer

I went for the Pro Base by MUA. 

I'm not normally a big user of Primer but I was willing to give this one a go. Sadly, the product didn't react well with my skin type.

It went rather dry and my skin felt like it was cracking so I immediately stopped using it. 

Therefore, I can't rate the product very highly, it was very cheap for the price it retailed at. 



On to the Final day.

It's time for a confession, I can't find the tube of lipstick anywhere. 

I used it this morning and its disappeared so I am having to use a picture from Rome in it's place. 

I used Diamond Line by Makeup Revolution. 

I love this shade, its a dark purple red tone. 

I love it, its defo my favourite at the moment. 

It's long lasting, durable and build able. I love the design of the tube as well, its lovely and rosegold. 

(I wish I could find it) 

I know that this was part of a new range and was only a couple of pounds, so its worth snagging it now as its great value for money! 

In fact you can see it in this video :



So that its, four reviews and I'm up to date! 

Thanks for reading 




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