BEAUTY : Blogger's Winter Brawl. Day Three : Hair Mask

Hello Everyone, 

So its time for Day Three of the Beauty Brawl. 

You can see yesterday's review on this link here

So Today's brief was to pick a hair mask product. 

I decided to go for Percy and Reed's Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Overnight Recovery. 

This is a product that I first got introduced to via on of my Birchboxes. 

However it was alot smaller than the one in the picture , so I guess you can say that it is a good indicator of my love for this product. 

The Larger bottle featured above retails for 18 pounds, which is knocked down if you are a Birchbox VIP. 

To use the product, you apply to dry hair in the evening before you go to sleep and shampoo it off in the morning. Simple.

Here is how I scored it: 

I'll be honest, both Luke and I love this product. 

It does the job effectively, and it leaves the hair silky smooth! I did dread looking at my pillow in the morning and luckily there was nothing there. My hair became a damp but not leaking mound. 

 Its easy to apply, take small bits and brush it through. I have to admit due to the length of my hair, I had to rope Luke into applying it for me. I returned the favour of course. 

Even with my long hair, I found that it didn't take too much to get the desired effect. 

When I washed it out in the shower, the first thing I noticed was the smooth feeling and then I noticed some shine in the mirror. 

One thing that I should note is that the smell is either one that you will love or you won't.

 Its a classic salon smell, which I personally love but Luke didn't. 

But all in all, I think that its one of the best discoveries from Birchbox that I have made so far.

 I have yet to browse the rest of the range, but if it is anything like this one, then I know that I will love it! 

So thats it for today. 

Thanks for reading 


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