BEAUTY : Blogger's Winter Brawl. Day Two : Nail Varnish

Hello Everyone, 

Its time for Day two of the Beauty Brawl! 

You can catch Yesterday's review on this link here

Today's brief is to review a Nail polish and I have chosen to go to my favourite brand, Barry M. 

I have decided to go for a Christmassy shade - Pacific from the Aquarium Collection. 

It should be noted that in the picture above I am also wearing a shade from Maybeline - in the shade Colour show in Rose Gold. However I will not be reviewing it.

I just love how they both complement each other. 

So on to the score card: 

I am a fan of the finish of this product, the colour is green and is shiny and also has notes of glitter in it. 

It applies smoothly and it dry quickly, typically two coats does the job. 

My only concern that it warps rather easily, but after an hour this threat disappears. When I bought it, it was only a couple of pounds, which is great value for money.

 I find that Barry M's varnishes on the whole last very well throughout the week. 

I would definitely recommend the product to anyone looking for a fun, festive colour! 

So thats it for today, 

Thank you for reading! 



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Unknown said…
I haven't tried Barry M nail polishes but I love their glitters for eyes :)

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