BEAUTY: This Month's Birchbox and A Whole Load of Snow!

Hi Everybody. 

So, as I live in the Midlands of the UK we have been hit with alot of snow overnight. 

For people who love it like me, its amazing. 

For people who hate it like Luke and the cats its not. 

In fact today was the first time that the cats saw snow, up until last year they were flat cats and now they have their own garden to explore.

 They have both been out and have looked horrified when they came back in. 

In fact Diego has taken to sitting under the Christmas tree, trying to remind us who the real present is. 

Before I move on the Birchbox unboxing, I thought that I would announce that the Beauty Brawl starts tomorrow - ten days of beauty reviews. 

I am excited for it to start as I love some of the items that I am reviewing! 

More on this tomorrow.

So here is this month's Birchbox, it is in collaboration with designer Matthew Williamson 

The box is a lovely festive red and has little geckos and Hummingbirds on it. 

(You can enlarge the picture to see this) 

And these are the items that feature in it below: 

I'll start from the left as always. 

(You again can click to enlarge the picture) 

The First item is a Spectrum Collection Angled Blender Brush (B04). You guys should know by now of my love for this brand of Beauty brushes, I have about 13 of them.  This nifty little brush is designed for blending eyeshadow, so I know that it will come in handy over Christmas! A Perk of this brand is that it is made from super soft, cruelty free material!

Next is this month's choice item.  I chose that Vibrant Matte Lipstick in Colour Me Confident. I haven't tried it yet, but I did a swatch and it certainly is very red! I love a red lip so I will report back on how it tests! 

Next is the Nip + Fab Kale Fix Moisturiser. This is the item that I am most excited for. When you open the product up, it smells so fresh, it smells so much of watercress, which I love. I'm sure that it is going to become a firm favourite.

Next is the Kelelo Clarifying Shampoo. This is definitely the time of year that my hair needs a treat to help it to battle the cold weather. I look forward to leaving it in to see what magic it can create. 

Finally is the Ritual of Ayurveda Foaming Shower Gel by Rituals. I always feel a tad fancy when I use a foaming shower gel and also them seem to last alot longer so I look forward to testing it! 

So thats the box and thats it for now. 

I have retreated under my duvet for the day! 

Thanks for reading 



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