LIFESTYLE : Christmas 2017!

Hello Everyone!

So its time to talk about Christmas!

( Yes we had snow) 

Here in the UK, we had four days off of work to celebrate with families. 

I have to say that ours were very busy, we are lucky to have so many family members that wanted to see us. 

In alot of cases it was the first time we saw people since we got engaged. 

So I thought that I would share my favourite images with you! 


Firstly, we need to talk Christmas Jumper Fashion. 

I have written posts on here regarding my extensive collection of Christmas jumpers, but this year saw the addition of two more. 

Both are gaming themed and came from GAME.

My was a purple Pac Man Themed Jumper. 

And Luke's was Inspired by Crash Bandicoot... All I Wumpa Christmas is you..... 

I even stole it one day for the office.....

Next, let's talk about about Christmas food. 

So I briefly mentioned in Thursday's post, my health has taken a bit of a nose dive. This was all related to the food that I was eating. 

I'm ok now though! 

I will talk about this more in tomorrow's post. 

So we were lucky enough to have our main Christmas Dinner cooked by Luke's family. 

But I did do a little baking and cooking. 

My Mum travelled up from the south coast and I made some Volavants, Sausage rolls, chicken fingers etc. 

I also cooked myself some quern southern fried bites! 

Here is this Year's Chritmas cake - topped with candid Oranges and Lemon pieces! 



The Cats.... well as you might know by now, we like to make a small fuss about Boots and Diego over the festive period. 

We have yet to have kids and they are our furry babies.

Santa Paws came and delivered them some new collars and toys (and new insurance)

We felt gulity, that in running around through Christmas that we didn't them much. 

We made sure that they had Chicken and lots of turkey though. 

Here are a few of their shenanigans:

Diego got a new scarf for Christmas... he refuses to sleep without it.... 

I turned my back for three seconds and.....

And finally, Boots has been the ultimate comfy boy. This little triangle pillow is his go to. 


So thats it.... 

I'm not going to do a what I got for Christmas post as I think thats a little personal. 

Its been a good couple of days. 

I hope Everyone had a great time! 

Thanks for reading 




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