LIFESTYLE : Guys.... I'm Engaged.....

Hi Everyone, 

So I'm back from Rome and lets just say that it was life changing. 

I didn't see it coming

Ok, so lets backtrack to Monday. 

We had been in Rome for two days, but this was the one trip out that I had been looking forward to the most. 

Since I was little and I watched the Lizzie Mcguire Movie, I had wanted to go to the Trevi Fountain. She went there, made a wish and became an international popstar. 

When I went there, I gained a fiancĂ©. Yes. I know I spoiled it in the title of this excited post. 

But I got engaged. 

So there I was, staring at the fountain. Luke gets the camera ready, tells me to close my eyes and to throw my coin in. 

Left hand over the right shoulder. I do it, paranoid that my coin didn't make it. 

I turn back and Luke is there on one knee with a ring. 

I couldn't speak and neither could he. 

He only managed "will ya" and then I mouthed yes. 

And I became engaged. 

After almost six years together, we are planning a wedding.

 After, I learnt that Luke had asked my Father's permission and his family all knew that it was going to happen. He has picked the one location that he knew I was going to love.  He did well to hide the ring and keep everything so secret. 

It was the most magical moment of my life so far. 

I spent the next two hours taking pictures of my hand in different locations. 

And heres the ring : 

I keep looking at my hand and I remember that little scene over and over again. Sometime I forget and then remember. 

We are both so excited to start this new journey together. 

Since the proposal, I have gone into complete wifey mode, but more on this later. 

Thanks to everyone that has wished us well, it means the world. 

I guess, when the time comes, I'l feature some wedding ideas on here. 

But for now.... I'm going to go and watch Home Alone. 

Thanks for reading 


(Mrs Bowers to be)


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