LIFESTYLE : Health and Goodbye to 2017!

'ello everybody.

Its time to say goodbye to another year, I realise that 2018 is my third year blogging and Youtubing....

Time is just flying away. 

All in all, its been a good year. But I am very aware that I need to practise self care alot more. 

My Mental Health was shaky in the summer, so I have decided to set new years resolutions for the first time ever. 

Normally I go from July to July (as thats when my Birthday is), but 2018 will be different in this respect. 

I plan to write about these tomorrow, aka in the New Year!


We had a bit of a scare last night, Our little Diego came home with a limp. 

It looks like another cat has bit him, so last night we watched over him and made sure that he is ok. 

He has been snoozing all night and seems to be walking alot better so hopefully he will be ok in a few days! 


But before 2017 is gone, I said that I would speak about my health issues, as they will shape upcoming posts. 

From the end of November to the middle of December, I knew that something wasn't right. 

My stomach was in agony and was gurgling really loudly.  

I felt sluggish, and really embarrassed that everytime I ate, my stomach wouldn't be quiet. I would come from from work and just sleep and hope that it would go away. 

Not only that but the bloat was horrible, I looked like I was six months pregnant. 

From one night to the next morning....

It turned out that my dairy intolerance was pushed way past the limit of what I could normally handle. 

Its hard to explain but if you suffer from an intolerance, the first thing that the doctor tells you is that some is ok.

 It depends on the indidvual. 

The intolerance is caused by your body not being about to break down and digest a certain type of food. 

I knew I couldn't have liquid dairy, but some cheese was ok and some chocolate. 

As I've had this for around about 25 years, I think I just got complacent and just started eating what I wanted. 

So in mid December, I was very poorly and had to see Doctor's advice. 

As I am already Vegetarian, I have made the commitment to go completely vegan. 

The first thing I did was to go and buy four Vegan / Plant based diet cookbooks. 

I've gotten back in the kitchen and I've already tried some yummy recipes.

My favourite so far has been Strawberry ,Banana & Cinnamon Overnight Oats 

I'm not going to lie, Christmas was a massive hurdle, but I got through it! 

Temptation is a horrible thing. 

So from now on, the recipes that I share will be 100% Vegan. 

I have felt alot better in the past couple of weeks, it was as if a switch has been hit and my body is going back to normal. 

So, Happy New Year, to you the reader. 

I am going to spend mine watching Game of Thrones and making sure Tiny Tim the cat is ok! 

Heres to 2018! 



jenikya said…
All the best for 2018!

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