TRAVEL : Our Trip to Rome

Hello Everyone, 

So I thought it was about time to share our pictures and video from Rome!


I should put a little disclaimer that I'm not really a big picture taker when I go away. 

I like to enjoy my surrounding and soak up the atmosphere of the place that I visiting. 

I have this thing, in which I take one picture a day, that way I have all I need to remember faces, feelings and the location. 

I have also prepared a video, that was uploaded this morning to YouTube

Day one

A big portion of the big day was travelling to Italy. I had made the fatal error of not having any sleep on the Friday prior because we had to leave at 2am on Monday. 

I was a tad overtired, hungry and groggy. 

The view as we landed was beautiful 

We got to our hotel in the early afternoon and immediately wanted to locate food. We paid for half board which meant that only Breakfast and Dinner was paid for. 

We found a supermarket and had what can only be described as a feast, followed by a good three to four hour nap. 

We woke up recharged and went to explore our surroundings in Piazza Di Porta Maggiore 

Day one's picture. 

When we returned to our hotel, we noticed that it had the most amazing Christmas Tree! 

It was the first one that I had seen (it was the last week of November) so I was so excited and had to get a picture! 

Day Two: 

We made sure that we got a good night's sleep as we wanted to go the Vatican early. 

We found out that on the last Sunday of the month that its free to go in. 

We did decide however to pay for a tour guide because my knowledge of the place is quite limited. 

As a British History student, I of course knew of its importance and it's impact on England.  That it is a separate country but I didn't know much about those that built it. 

Rumours are that you can see the whole of the Rome from the top of the Vatican, this was one of the views from one of the Balconies. 

Once inside, we said a prayer for our families back home and I was invited to observe Mass, as I was christened a Catholic. Luke however was not and therefore did not participate. 

Day two's Picture. 

We walked so far over 16,000 steps in total so the rest of the day was exploring the hotel and resting. 

Day Three: 

A day that shall forever be one of my favourites. 

We went to the Trevi Fountain (it was one of my monthly goals).

I had wanted to see it ever since I watched the Lizzie Mcguire movie as a child. 

Day Three's picture.

If you haven't heard, Luke knew that this was a childhood dream of mine and proposed to me on one knee.

 It was everything I've dreamed of and more.

It was perfect. 

I do have the actual proposal recorded, but I decided to omit it from the video and Luke and I have decided to only show it to close family members (and future children maybe....)

Once its out there, its not an imitate memory but just something that anyone can pass judgement on, therefore I described it in a previous post and also in the video

Below is the picture that we shared after both families were told.  

We also told my Grandad in person when we came home as he didn't know. 

To see the joy on his face was lovely. 

My life changed forever in that one moment, also in the week, we had found it was also changed in another way. 

But I won't share this news until the new year as it feels a tad premature. 

Day four :

Day four's picture 

It was our last day and also Luke's Birthday.

We decided to go the Coliseum, but first we decided that we were going to do a cake tour of rome. 

We had the idea of trying a few Italian deserts throughout the day. 

Sadly, one of the deserts disappeared because it looked amazing (you can see it on the video though). 

It was an amazing day, especially as it was a birthday and we had that post engagement glow. 

The perfect end to the perfect trip. 

The next day, on our return it rained. 

So I was glad that we could enjoy the weather and it felt as though it held out for just us. 

Since coming home, we have announced and enjoyed being engaged. We have so much to look forward to in the next couple of months. 

Starting with having the best Christmas ever. 

Thanks for reading 



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