BEAUTY & LIFESTYLE This Past Week and Blogging Resolutions

Hello Everyone! 

So its been a little while since my last post, so I thought that I would give you all a little update and also let you in on some late blogging resolutions that I have set for myself. 

So, at the start of the week, I finally put all of my footage together from December and uploaded it to Youtube. 

I think my favourite moment was the one below: 

The Cats seeing the snow for the first time. Neither of them really wanted to go in it, but they both gave it a go. 

You can check the video out below :

It was lovely to see what we had done over the month, we were so busy and it went by in such a flash.  

I think thats the beauty of Youtube videos, I've been uploading since 2015 so I have alot to look back on and enjoy. Plus I get to share everything with you guys too! 

I think with blog posts, they can disappear very quickly, with Videos they seem to hang around alot longer. 

On Tuesday, Luke and I went to the cinema to go and see the latest Insidious movie. 

I have seen everyone in the cinema and I love the atmosphere that they create. 

I love to be scared and jump to decent horror films. 

Overall, I liked the movie, but I think that needs to be it now. The stories are all tied up and linked and I think to add another one would ruin it. 

I would 100 percent recommend seeing it on the big screen as it will spook you! 

During the week, I have received alot of boxes and also cooking books! 

I received a Vegan Starter Kit from Peta, which has alot of advice for making the change. I have also tailored my shopping this week to some of the suggestions in it. 

There are also some yummy sounding recipes! 

I was lucky enough to receive a copy of Tanya's Bakes and also Stacie Cooks (not pictured) for free. 

Both look to be made with alot of love, despite the fact that I am now vegan I still enjoy baking and cooking for Luke. 

I can always veganise a few with some of my trusty go tos ! 

I also received this Month's Birchbox which is in Collaboration with the Stationary Company Ohh Deer. 

I will be reviewing this next week, but I was stuck by how pretty the box was.

 I immediately checked out Ohh Deer online and I think I have a new favourite. 

Stationary is a real weakness of mine, which is why I paid a little extra for the week to week to do list! 

I also Received Marzia's Quarterly subscription box. This ones theme was sweets: 

The tea towel is currently proudly displayed on my cooker. 

I will also review this box next week. I think my instant favourite is the rose gold eyeliner! 

(you can click to enlarge - its sitting above the eyes on the tea towel )

We also received a delivery from Loot Anime, which I need to take a picture of. 

But as its Luke's box, I will do so when he was finished exploring the new items ;)

I'll also pop it up next week 

(So many boxessssssss) 


I received the cutest package from my Mum, its a wooden dice that has been made for our engagement. 

It has our names, Rome and the date on it. 

I have popped it into our engagement box (the box to show the kiddies)!

So on to the resolutions: 

I have a few things that I would like to change on the blog:

1) Firstly, a layout change. I need to get rid of Father Christmas, but I want to have a smarter look to the website. I think I need to have a play around and work out what I really want before I do it. 

So, watch this space! 

2) I want to get back to posting recipes - I took a little break after my health issues. But I've discovered things that I really like so I plan to write some more. 

Here are a couple of my trusty friends : 

Mayomaize for the win!

Here are some of the cookbooks that I'm in love with: 

 3) Post more regularly - I used to do a post a day and that was way too much and I've gone to one post a week, which isn't enough. 

I think I'm going to have set days a week again, just until I sort it out! 

 So thats it for the monster post. 

I also have a book review to share with you, so hopefully I'll have alot to talk about in the next post!

But for now, thanks for reading! 



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