GAMING : My Monthly Favourites

Hello Everyone! 

So a slight change as to what I was going to write about, but I felt inspired to jump into a post about Gaming. 

For a massive passion that I have for it, I don't really write about it enough. 

So I thought that I would let you in on what I have been loving this past month. 

So at the start of the month, I decided that I wanted to work my way through some Games with Gold games & PSN Monthly free games. 

For those who don't know what these are - Every month both Xbox and Playstation give away four games to those that are members of their online community. 

You have to pay £ 40 a year for this access. 

Basically, I wanted to free up some space on my hard drives and also I wanted to try something new. 

I think that its really easy to get stuck in a rut. 

So I will start with TellTale Games. 

I have played two this month: Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead. 

So far I have only played the first chapter of each as thats all the free access that I was given. 

I have always been curious about these kind of games since I first played Fable (remember that? Still one of my dear favourites). 

The idea is that the game changes around the choices that you make and at the end you get to see whether other players went down the same route as you. 

So if I start with Game of Thrones.... I am a massive fan of the books and the TV series so the idea that I could go in and interact with my favourites characters really appealed to me. 

You play as a fictional house that is fighting for survival after the events of the red wedding (so Series four? on wards).

Your families claim to fame is that you control the Ironwood, which is the desired material to build the strongest ships and defences. 

You play as various members of the family, I found that I needed to be careful as the characters not only react to your choices, they remember them! 

My first run in with Cersi was very....interesting/ terrifying

My choices seemed to get alot of people killed.... but I will be buying the rest of the episodes

(if you want some easy trophies go for this game.... you get ones for getting through the game and also platinum is guaranteed )

Here is the trailer for the game.

On to the Walking Dead.... Is set just as the Zombie invasion is taking place. You play as a convict that is on his way to jail. 

Suddenly, there is a zombie in the road and you are in an accident. 

When you are awake you are surrounded by Zombies. 

You have to run to a local community and seek shelter. You soon come across one of my favourite characters , the little savage that is Clementine.... (look her up on Youtube).

This game makes me jump ALOT. 

Zombies and the idea of Zombies legit terrify me. I think it goes back to the fear that something wants to eat me.... the predator prey feeling. 

I guess when I look at it... its not that irrational its just survival kicking in (I could honestly go on about it for a year.... I fear that one day it could happen (not in my lifetime please (Although that Aussie Flu is going around.....))). 

I can't deal with Werewolves either.....

Anyway, so far the game is good. Herbal Greene has caught me out a few times though. 

Here is the trailer :

Moving on to the next game that is along the same genre.... Life is Strange

I have no idea why I haven't played this game till now, but I am honestly obsessed with it. 

Its another decision making game but this time its made by Square Enix. 

The Story focuses around photography student Max, who discovers that she has the power to reverse time. 

And therefore change key moments and decisions, which is really handy if you feel as though you've messed up. 

She returns home to be reunited with an old friend Chloe and she finds out that a massive storm is coming to wipe out her old Childhood home. She and Chloe also have some issues to work through and there is also the mystery of a missing girl.

I have only played the first chapter but oh my god, I'm in love. 

I've managed to avoid spoilers and I'm getting the rest of the chapters on payday. 

Its still got that element of exploring despite it being a chaptered game, which I think is something that The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones lack. 

Its also alot more polished. 

I did it all in one sitting and I plan to do the same at the weekend.

Here is the trailer :

The next game is another free one, but on Playstation, Tearaway Unfolded

Now, I've known about this game for a while. 

Luke had it along time ago on the PS Vita and I remember being amazed by how interactive it was.

It would use each part of the device for something different - even stroking the back of it unlocked a new interaction. 

So when I saw that it had come to the Playstation 4 and was free, I was really excited! 

Its a kids game in which you are a messenger ( made out of paper) and you need to get a message to the 'yous'. You have enemies that want to take over your world and make it really bland. 

The Yous are what the game calls the player and it often breaks the fourth wall. 

Not only that but the controller is super interactive. The Light from the controller is used to shine a light in the game and you can bring objects 'into' the controller to interact with them. 

So far, I'm loving the game, its colourful, funny, entertaining and its easy to lose half a day to. 

It reminds me fondly of Little Big planet, even down to the character customisation. 

( I need everyone to know that I hate the scraps and the damn crows)

Here is the trailer. 

Finally(!!) is the last game.... Rayman 3/ 3D

This game is very special to me... it was the first one that I played on my Xbox 360. I remember that my Dad had bought me the 360 as a Christmas present and I was so buzzed to get it as a free game. 

Rayman 1 was one of the first I ever played on my PS1, I also never beat it. 

This was the first time that he went 3D and I felt like a whole new world had opened up... similar with how I feel about the new Crash Bandicoot remaster. 

Xbox gave it away as a free game last month and as soon as it started up, a massive smile came on my face. 

Those memories of being 15, in my bedroom... my brand new loudly over heating console and I and this game playing. I think it was one of the first that properly got me into gaming. 

So the actual game? You play as Rayman, whose body still doesn't connect up, who is hunting Andre the bad black lum. He wants to get to the heart of the universe and turn everything bad. 

The game has it all, humour, action, arcade games and crazy disc music transitions between worlds.

I love it 

Maybe one day I'll do a post about my favourite childhood games....

Here is the trailer. 

So thats it for now, 

Lot of favourites this month... its been fun to rediscover and find new favourties. 

Let me know if you love any of the above 

Thanks for reading 




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